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AccuFund Endowment Accounting (AF-EA) gives foundations and other organizations managing endowments a complete financial solution for tracking, accounting, and reporting restricted funds, both donor-advised and endowment.  AF-EA provides the controls and reporting you need to meet UPMIFA and FASB 117 requirements. 
View the Endowment Accounting Overview Video.

For each named fund, a foundation can track:

  •  Original corpus, 
  •  Realized and unrealized gains and losses,
  •  Market and book value on the investment,
  •  Spending policies,
  •  Management fees,
  •  Actual donations, and
  •  Expenditures. 

View the Endowment/Foundation Accounting Datasheet.

Read a Case Study
demonstrating AccuFund's Endowment/Foundation Accounting solution.

AccuFund Endowment Accounting includes the AccuFund Core System, the Allocation Management module and optional Fund/Grants Management module, providing you with a robust nonprofit accounting system to meet your audit and reporting needs.

AccuFund's Core System includes: General Ledger, Financial Report Writer, Allocation Management, Accounts Payable, Cash Receipting, Bank Reconciliation, System Security, User Security, Forms Designer, Data Imports and Exports, and Document and Image Scanning.

The Allocation Management module provides allocations of all income and expenses to every named fund.  It will also calculate a spending plan for each fund based on the foundation’s and each individual fund’s requirements. 

The Fund/Grant Management module can be added to provide additional data tracking and image storage capabilities to the system.
The result is each named fund has complete reporting to show all contributions, income allocations and distribution of funds no matter how many funds you have and how many recipients for which the foundation manages funds.

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