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Designed Exclusively for Nonprofits and Hosted in the Cloud: AccuFund Anywhere is Powerful, Flexible and Affordable

Why should nonprofits be interested in cloud accounting?

There are significant savings to be enjoyed by emptying out your server room and putting the money you used to pay in maintenance and upgrades towards your mission.

The cloud, through economies of scale, offers state-of-the-art security, disaster recovery, and guaranteed uptime.

Budget-friendly subscription pricing combined with anytime, anywhere access gives your organization the agility it needs to focus on your mission in the most cost-effective way without sacrificing features or performance.

Why should nonprofits be interested in AccuFund?

We currently serve more than 1,000 clients and we special in accounting software for not-for-profit and government organizations. AccuFund Anywhere extends that experience to the Internet with a true browser-based solution available anywhere and with AccuFund providing the technical support.

Because of our focus, we understand your needs and your responsibility to your constituents.

Join us for a product webinar featuring AccuFund Anywhere:

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