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Nurturing the aspirations of those within your community deserves to take center stage. AccuFund provides your organization with the nonprofit accounting and financial management expertise needed to support your staff, managers, board members and volunteers.

AccuFund helps arts and culture organizations  - museums, theatre groups, music foundations, and the like - automate processes, improve efficiency, and lower costs so you can focus your efforts on building outlets for expression within your community.

  • Automating your nonprofits' tasks will save time, minimize errors and reduce duplicate work
  • Weekly financial reporting capabilities give you timely data if you run productions to tightly manage expenses per production per week
  • Easily track revenue and expenses for each exhibit or production even across fiscal years
  • Customizing your accounting solution with strong, flexible modules that compliment your organization’s needs will deliver pertinent reporting and management of designated focus areas
  • Efficiencies gained in data and financial management enable timely, sound decision-making


quote“Each month, we can get a report showing the amount of each donor’s original gift, what the market value was at the beginning of the year, all the activity that occurred and the current market value of that gift. Having this update each month with this level of detail is very important to us.” ~ M. Callahan, The Music Center Foundation

“We are now able to make smarter, informed decisions and look for communities we know we would be a good fit in." ~ L. Wood, Kids In a New Groove

“I’m a huge proponent of the system, particularly its Accounts Payable module. The speed of the system allows us to save time —a lot of time. We do our month-end activities in half the amount of time we did them previously. Check runs take much less time as well.” ~ J. Pecoraro, Long Wharf Theatre

AccuFund’s Arts and Culture Success Stories

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