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Employee Portal

The Employee Portal is a customizable browser-based web interface for providing employees with access to organizational news and information. Employees can view the organization’s public news and events as soon as they get on the portal home page. They can then login to view private, internal information, including information that is pre-configured for delivery specifically to them.

Features Include:

  • Configure news and events information to be delivered organization-wide or to individual departments and employees.
  • Select and deliver the information you want each employee to see; employees see only the information that is intended specifically for them and their department.
  • PDFs of documents can be attached for printing or download
  • Utilize the Employee Portal through an internal network or over the web via an SSL connection.
  • Customize the look and feel of the Employee Portal interface by incorporating logos and images and selecting a theme, color scheme and button style.
  • All functionality, including customization of the interface, is controlled through the AccuFund Accounting Suite.
  • Modules can be added that allow employees to view, update and print their personal and employment information, including enter their time

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