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The nonprofit systems you use to manage your organization are entrusted with providing you and your team accurate, timely data to enable sound decision-making.

Just as you’ve surrounded yourself with trusted teams – staff,  managers, board members and volunteers – each possessing special skills that all together, help carry out your organization’s mission, so too must your nonprofit systems.

Nonprofit-Focused is Mission-Critical.

Having a nonprofit-specific financial system means the tools are made for you and your organization’s unique needs and reporting requirements. You don’t adapt to the system, the system is made for you.

  • Nonprofit custom reporting takes the guess work out of building reports and saves your accounting team valuable time
  • Modules add a custom functionality to supplement your nonprofit accounting software – grants management, purchasing and requisitions, etc. – areas that can be manually-intensive can now be automated, improving organizational efficiency
  • On-premise or cloud-based software – solutions to support your organization depending on what’s right for you
How can AccuFund help you stay mission-focused?

AccuFund is a nonprofit financial improvement systems specialist. We use our award-winning financial software, consulting services and industry best practices to help organizations streamline processes, improve efficiency and lower costs. We take the time to work with you and create a complete nonprofit financial system to meet all of your organization’s needs. Our nonprofit financial success solutions are available on-premise or cloud.

AccuFund is, and always will be, nonprofit-focused to help organizations stay mission-focused.

Explore the AccuFund solutions ideal for fulfilling your mission.