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Communities are continually challenged with the need for new or expanded services. Whether it’s driven by demographic changes within your community or state/federal mandates, how local governments manage their fiscal responsibility, within the context of the laws and regulations, will have significant impact on your community’s future well-being.

Improve your local government's overall financial management with the AccuFund Government Accounting Suite and government-specific, tightly- integrated modules such as Utility Billing, Fees, Taxes and Licenses, and Court Fines.  Improve your municipality's reporting while reducing manual work and errors; streamline processes while saving time and money.

  • Customize account structure helps local governments produce the reports your managers need to make informed, timely decisions
  • Add-on modules expand your municipality's capacity to track, manage and report all pertinent areas – and aids in decentralizing responsibilities
  • Integrated Payroll streamlines all local government departments and their unique labor requirements. Plus, web-based timesheets give all employees easy access to time tracking
  • Improve local government control with integrated purchasing and e-requisition processing
  • Improve your municipality's transparency and departmental access to data - from user reports to departmental reports to budget reports and year-end reporting

For in-depth information about AccuFund Government Accounting as well as the core, specialty and add-on modules that make AccuFund ideal for Municipalities, Cities and Towns, visit AccuFund for Governments.

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quote“With AccuFund, I save 10 hours a week. I have better security, files can't be deleted and I can make better decisions.” ~ Accounts Payable Clerk, Magic City Enterprises

“AccuFund saves about 15-20% of our time, freeing us to attend to other things,” ~ J. Thomas, City of Lebanon, Kentucky

“We probably save about $70,000 each year not having to hire an additional person to do the things we had to do before we implemented AccuFund.” ~ A. Stache, Township of Upper St. Clair

“AccuFund also offers great reporting capabilities. It’s very easy to send reports to Excel or a PDF, which is a big plus for us...the ease with which we can email a report directly from the system to a department manager.” ~ P. Harris, City of Cripple Creek, Colorado

AccuFund’s Local Government Success Stories

Case studies

City of Lebanon, Kentucky
Cripple Creek, Colorado
East Windsor, Connecticut
Lewisburg, West Virginia
Franklin, New Hampshire
Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania

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