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AccuFund releases Accounting Suite version 3.04.

AccuFund, Inc. releases Accounting Suite version 3.04. the version includes a new columnar report writer designed to allow end-users easier access to data and enhancements to the Financial Report Writer to make 12 month forecast type reports easier to run and now includes weekly reporting capabilities.

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CPA Technology Advisors awards 5 stars to the AccuFund Accounting Suite again.

Accufund has received a 5 star rating from the CPA Technology Advisor in the October 2005 issue. This annual review of accounting packages for nonprofits gives readers an unbiased review of all the major products in the market. The review describes the many features of AccuFund that make it an excellent choice for nonprofits and government agencies looking for a feature-rich, scalable accounting product at an affordable price.

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AccuFund Releases Version 3.01 of the AccuFund Accounting Suite

AccuFund announces the release of version 3.01 including document management capabilities in all modules. Document management has become a major concern for nonprofit and government organizations, especially those receiving grants. Funding sources are regularly requesting that all vendor bills be copied and included with funding requests. AccuFund makes this a one-step process as the AP clerk can now scan the invoices and attach them to the billing transaction in the Accounting Suite. Reports can then be run at month end that include images of the original invoice.

Other enhancements include a "query-browse" function in all modules that makes it easy for users to select and report sub-sets of data on screen and for reporting.

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AccuFund reduces single user price to $2,995

Version 3.02 of the AccuFund Accounting Suite has been released. AccuFund, Inc. has reduced the price of the single-user, stand-alone version to $2,995. It is still fully expandable to include any of the other modules that may be required by an organization. Server-based pricing remains the same, starting at $4,195.

AccuFund has enhanced the Accounting Suite to provide a table-based account structure as an option. In this configuration each element of the account number has a drop down list of the available values. Other enhancements include drill-to-source capabilities and configurable browses with instant reporting capabilities.

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October 2004, CPA Technology Advisor awards AccuFund 5 star rating

The CPA Software News has reviewed the AccuFund Accounting Suite as part of its annual round up of nonprofit accounting packages. This very favorable review gave Accufund 5 stars out of 5. If you would like to read the whole review, please click on this link:

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