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Nonprofit Financial Reporting

Free your accounting team, department managers, and project managers from the burden of maintaining spreadsheets. 

With an AccuFund system, any financial or performance reports you need can be generated and distributed directly from the system and critical information can be displayed through dashboards so every manager has their key data metrics visible throughout the day.

Flexible Budget Reporting

•    Manage and track 3 different budgets; annual, grant and project
•    Two versions of a budget original and current, can be reported in a single report, required for GASB 34 but also valuable for nonprofit reporting
•    Easily forecast budgeting including actual and remaining budget

Dashboards for Your Users

•    Report on any financial or performance data in the system
•    Results available through the Internet/any browser
•    User specific dashboards
•    Drill down to source data from dashboard items
•    Copy and paste into reports, emails, etc.

Reporting that Works for You

•    Performance reporting
•    Scheduled reports for one-time or recurring delivery
•    Financial Report Writer gives you five output options:  print, email, PDF, drill-down and export to Excel or CSV files
•    Ability to order the report by any segment of the account structure
•    Form 990 information reporting from the system
•    Besides actual and 9 budget ledgers, the AccuFund Accounting Suite includes tracking for encumbrance, requested, allocation, closing, unposted and memo entries
•    Flexible period reporting including: monthly, quarterly, year-to-date, inception-to-date, and by range from any period in any year to any period in any year

Fast and easy reporting creation and distribution will empower your management team.  With more time to analyze data, they can put their efforts towards more strategic activity.  You will be able to provide the transparency that is expected from your funders and your community.

Join those organizations already realizing the benefits of AccuFund’s financial reporting without spreadsheets.

Learn more in this short 3-minute AccuFund Overview. For a more in-depth view, contact us or join us for a live webinar.