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Payroll Software

The Payroll Software module provides the functionality required by government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Many commercial payroll software systems fall short when evaluated for government and nonprofit requirements. The AccuFund payroll software module meets these needs.  New for 2015, AccuFund Payroll/Human Resources now includes tracking for the required ACA reporting.

View the Payroll Datasheet.

Features include :

  • WYSIWYG payroll entry - the payroll staff sees the whole check and all taxes and deductions on the same screen immediately as the time entry is being done; no guessing about what will happen when the checks are printed.
  • Distribute time to an unlimited number of projects, departments or cost centers.
  • Employer expenses can be set to follow the labor out to the departments or projects where the employees worked.
  • Calculate an unlimited number of accruals for sick, vacation, personal. Each may be based on the calendar year, fiscal year or employee anniversary date and may be printed on the check stub.
  • With the optional Employee Time entry module, allow employees to enter their time and supervisors to approve it on line.
  • Unlimited number of deductions, each of which may be pre or post tax.
  • Direct deposit to multiple banks and allow a remainder to be paid by check.
  • NEW: AccuFund Payroll includes Affordable Care Act reporting functionality at no additional charge. Read the ACA with AccuFund Datasheet.
    View the ACA with AccuFund Introductory video.

Related Modules

  • Human Resources - track an unlimited number of items about employees, including a history of changes and were and by whom they were made.
  • Position Control - track each budgeted and approved positon, current and previous employees and remaining funds. In a grant environment encumber positions to make sure funds are available through the term of the position.
  • Employee Portal - Provides employer with a web portal to provide news and forms to employees.  It is the base for adding Employee Self Service and Employee Time Entry.
  • Employee Self Service- Employees can update payroll and human resources information as allowed by the Human Resources Department, with HR review as desired.  Also supports open enrollment periods and employees can print pay stubs.
  • Employee Time Entry - Allow employees to enter and proof their time sheets and have supervisors approve them before forwarding to the payroll department. Reduces errors and eliminates re-entry by the payroll clerk.
  • General Ledger - Transactions are posted to the General Ledger in real time.