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Accounting for Human Services and Social Service agenciesACCOUNTING FOR SOCIAL AND HUMAN SERVICES AGENCIES

Enhancing the lives of your community members and ensuring basic human rights is central to your mission. Servicing those in need within your community is what you do best. The accounting and financial management systems you use can be the difference between effective and mediocre services to your community members.

AccuFund is a nonprofit accounting and financial improvement systems specialist. We help social and human services agencies automate processes, improve efficiency, and lower costs so you can channel your efforts to building a strong community.

  • Most effectively manage each contract and grant to maximize service dollars for your social and human services agency
  • Automating your agencys' tasks will save time, minimize errors and reduce duplicate work
  • Accurately and automatically track services by participant to maximize revenue for your social and human service agency
  • Give directors instant access to financial status for their programs
  • Allocate expenses accurately and easily for the true cost of programs
  • Customizing your accounting solution with strong, flexible modules that compliment your social and human service organization’s needs will deliver pertinent reporting and management of designated focus areas
  • Efficiencies gained in data and financial management enable timely, sound decision-making


quote“AccuFund is the software package for any organization that is interested in becoming more efficient, making processes automatic, simplifying manual procedures, and getting rid of numerous spreadsheets." ~ D. Riddle, Texoma Community Center

"The managers get the reporting they need and the accounting staff can now focus on analysis and management instead of maintaining manual systems for financial reporting, cash balances and accounts receivable status” ~ Fiscal Director, Lynn  Economic Opportunity

AccuFund’s Social and Human Services Success Stories

Case Study

Mental Health Services AgencyTexoma Community Center
Texoma Community Center needed more automation with their processes, but also more flexibility and the ability to integrate with other systems. “The AccuFund Accounting Suite is a very intuitive system in terms of how it flows and how you make your journal entries. It just makes sense,” said D. Riddle, CFO at Texoma Community Center. “The biggest factor is its ease of use. It’s set up to be very user-friendly and doesn’t require a lot of training.”

The AccuFund Accounting Suite’s Human Resources module allows Texoma Community Center to track all pertinent information on their employees, including college degrees, performance goals and performance appraisals. The employee payroll report they previously developed manually and took eight hours to produce can now be pulled together and run in minutes, then distributed automatically. AccuFund also provides Texoma Community Center with the ability to create custom reports, such as their overtime report on employee overtime hours and their employee roster reports.

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