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SSL Certificates

For the security of user information, AccuFund requires all clients using the Employee or Payment "portal" products to have an SSL certificate on the server where the portal software will reside.  For organizations only making the Employee Portal available within their internal intranet this may be the same server on which AccuFund is installed.  For organizations allowing employees to access their records from outside the organization through the internet, or for organizations deploying the Payment Portal, this is likely to be a separate machine installed behind the firewall but in an area called the DMZ.  There would be limited access to this machine from outside the firewall.

If your IT department already uses SSL certificates and want to get it on their own that is fine.  There must be an SSL certificate on the machine prior to starting the portal as it will not function without a certificate in place.

For the convenience of our clients and resellers AccuFund has partnered with COMODO, one of the largest providers of security certificates on the web.  You have a choice of purchasing a certificate for 1 - 3 years.  AccuFund recommends purchasing at least a 3 year certificate.

The following Links take you directly to the Comodo site for ordering the Instant SSL certificates

3 years $249 - $83.00/year

2 years $199 - $99.50/year

1 year $149


All prices are in US dollars.
Comodo, Inc. handles the ordering system and identity verification. You order directly from Comodo, but will be charged by AccuFund for the number of years selected.


Comodo Partner