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Support & MaintenanceSUPPORT AND MAINTENANCE        

AccuFund offers an annual contract at 25% of the cost of the software for Support, Maintenance and Improvements. This extends the life of your software and provides an ongoing resource for your organization.

Key Benefits
  • 800 number telephone support
  • Maintenance of software when issues are discovered
  • Enhancement of the software
  • Web-based and on-site training (hourly charge)
  • Software releases are self-converting - install and go

AccuFund's Support Department has two functions. It knows how important service is to the accounting department. When your software is not functioning or you need to know why something is happening it is important to get the help you require. The Support consultants are available to assist you.

Resellers are certified for installation, conversion of data and training services for the AccuFund software. Their training and experience provide you with additional points of view when deciding how to install the software for your organization.

  • Telephone Support
  • Web Training
  • Onsite Services
  • Remote Services
  • Maintenance and Improvements