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Helping nonprofits and local governments keep their employees informed, connected, and empowered to focus on their mission.

The benefits of having a streamlined solution for coordinating all your nonprofit or local government human resources needs - from managing health benefits, payroll, timekeeping, hiring, and more - keeps your employees informed, empowered, and ultimately makes it easy for them to stay focused on delivering the needed resources for your community members.

A single login enables your employees to access both HRMS information and other important AccuFund functions - payment approvals, dashboards, work orders, and more.

With payroll being your most expensive cost, making sure all aspects of payroll and the integral HR policies and procedures work seamlessly and accurately to produce the data you need, anywhere and any time, with onsite and online solutions, really matters.

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Browser based human resources tools

Full Service HRMS Capabilities Unites All Payroll & HR Functions Within One System

Unparalleled Complete Service:
AccuFund’s Nonprofit and Government Financial Management solution provides the foundation for HRMS

The AccuFund Human Resources Management System works in conjunction with the AccuFund Accounting System. They work together to provide an unparalleled complete solution that offers a deep understanding of critical data, seamless access to financial information for analysis and decision-making, and all the necessary components to support human resource policies and procedures for your employees. 

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Payroll Trend: In-House Payroll

Whether changing in-house payroll options or taking payroll in-house for the first time, you’re making an investment that should help you improve workflows and efficiencies, save time, save money, and provide real-time access to operational data.

Learn about AccuFund during our product webinars, as we bring together years of experience in government and nonprofit financial management software and the latest technology for HRMS.

A demonstration of the core system will help pave the way for realizing the possibilities.


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