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Representative Payee Information

Representative Payee is a specialized accounting system for organizations managing the funds of individuals not able to manage their own funds.  Representative Payee, also known as Custodial Checking or Trustee Accounting gives a fiduciary agent, frequently a social service agency or a government entity, the software it needs to manage and account for clients' funds.

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For the Trustee or custodian, the software:

  • Combines individual accounts into a one or more combined accounts at a bank.
  • Each client's balances are managed and can be reported separately on a client statement.
  • A revenue and expense and a balance sheet can be generated for each client showing all of their activity and current balances.
  • Control is provided to stop from over-spending client's accounts.
  • Setup recurring cash receipts for monthly support payments to reduce entry.

AccuFund Representative Payee comes in a standard and professional edition for larger organizations that need to control access to client/patient accounts by region or facility.

Several modules may be added to the core system:

  • Client Accounting adds addition demographic tracking and reporting capabilities.
  • Fixed Assets adds the ability to track and inventory assets purchased for clients.
  • Purchasing allows the setup of encumbrances to reserve funds for special purposes and limit spending of available cash balances.

For trustees or custodial managers, the AccuFund Representative Payee system provides a complete solution for any organization managing more than just a few custodial/trust accounts.

Learn how one AccuFund Representative Payee client maintained quality service while doubling their client base in this Representative Payee Case Study

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