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Greater Control over Your Fixed Assets

AccuFund’s Fixed Assets module tracks the acquisition, depreciation, and disposal of assets that need to be expensed for accounting purposes and tracked for control and reporting purposes.

You can add assets to the system in this module, through Accounts Payable, or through the assets import wizard, which provides a quick way to convert from another asset management system.

Once your assets are in the system, depreciation can be run monthly, quarterly, or annually. For budgeting purposes, depreciation estimates can be run for future periods.

AccuFund Fixed Assets is a component-based system, which means you can add other parts/pieces to an asset over time, such as those required by infrastructure improvements, leasehold improvements, and technology systems.

Fixed Assets Online Version

Looking for the cloud online version of this module?

Fixed Assets 2021

Extra Features Add Convenience and Customization

The Fixed Assets module includes additional features that allow organizations to tailor the system to meet specific workflow requirements:

  • Keep dated and categorized notes to track service activity and warranty information.
  • Establish specific asset class/location combinations to define account distributions. This may include percent allocation of the asset account or
    depreciation expense for major items funded through multiple sources.
  • View a complete history of all actions taken for each asset.
  • Define demographic fields to track items such as warranty expiration dates, original funding source, responsible supervisor, and more.
  • Run a preliminary depreciation report to check all entries before posting to the General Ledger.
  • Track asset assignment and usage by employee or department.

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Improve Efficiencies with Built-in Integrations

You’ll save time and reduce errors, because Fixed Assets links directly to these other AccuFund modules:

  • General Ledger—All entries are immediately posted to the General Ledger for reporting in real time.
  • Accounts Payable—Assets may be acquired through Accounts Payable at the same time the invoice is being paid.
  • Reports/Forms Designer—Modify the layout and contents of your management reports.

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