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Accounting Suite

Allocations Module

The AccuFund Allocations Module is a robust system for allocating expenses and revenues within an organization. Allocations will distribute balances in pooled or individual accounts out to other accounts based on dollar balances or other statistical information such as labor hours or occupancy. The module is frequently used in organizations that are grant based and must account for total costs for reimbursement purposes.

View the Allocations Management Datasheet.

Features include :

  • Supports allocations based on approved rates for indirect and fringe benefits
  • For endowment management purposes, it may use a unitized basis similar to mutual funds
  • Allocations may be designed to be run multiple times during the month
  • Allocations supports both actual and budget distributions, and may be tracked in a separate journal for reporting purposes
  • Average daily balance calculations are available

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Accounting System Linkages

The Allocations module is closely integrated with the AccuFund Accounting Suite General Ledger. It is not available as a stand-alone module to be utilized with other accounting products.

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