Tribal Government Software

Benefit your tribal community with optimized financial control.

AccuFund can make it easier to serve your constituents.

Automate Processes
Save time and reduce errors.

Control Costs
Track revenue and expenses across projects.

Customize Your Solution
Choose the modules that suit your specific needs.

Improve transparency, efficiency, and accountability.

Strong accounting and reporting, on all the operations of your tribal government, can help you enhance the health, safety, and welfare of tribal citizens.

AccuFund offers a comprehensive tribal government software solution to meet your specific needs, along with deep expertise in working with Native American nations.


The AccuFund Accounting Suite can help you:

  • Manage contracts, grants, fees, and purchases more effectively
  • Track and pay member entitlements, such as per-capita and other Tribal benefits
  • Track and report important Member Enrollment information, as well as services provided to members
  • Minimize errors and reduce duplicative efforts
  • Streamline payroll processes, including various clocking solutions
  • Generate accurate reports instantly
  • Allocate expenses more effectively
  • Make better budgetary decisions

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“We don’t need support even half as much as we did with our previous software.”

—W. Manning, Shoshone-Paiute Tribes of Duck Valley

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