Representative Payee Management Software

Managing benefits can be more beneficial for you.

Let AccuFund help you work more efficiently and grow your client base.

Automate Processes
Save time and reduce errors.

Provide Better Service
Generate accurate reports and avoid over-spending.

Customize Your Solution
Choose the modules that suit your specific needs.

Your clients put their trust in you. Put your trust in AccuFund.

The people you serve, namely children and legally incompetent adults, rely on you for more than just managing payments. As you look out for your clients’ best interests, you become an integral part of their lives.

With AccuFund, you get all the financial tools you need to ensure accountability and streamline workflows, so you can build trust, serve more people, and spend more time engaging with the beneficiaries you represent.

  • Combine individual accounts for convenience, while managing and reporting each client's balance separately
  • Generate reports for each client, showing activity and current balances
  • Automatically apply cash received to individual client accounts
  • Set up recurring cash receipts for monthly support payments

“Now I can focus on the business rather than perform time-consuming, day-to-day tasks. AccuFund can easily handle the types of accounts we have. Bank reconciliations that used to take hours now take only minutes.”

—B. Johnson, B&B Payee Services

"The managers get the reporting they need and the accounting staff can now focus on analysis and management instead of maintaining manual systems for financial reporting, cash balances and accounts receivable.”

—Fiscal Director, Lynn  Economic Opportunity

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Payee Services of America

Payee Services of America

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