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AccuFund sells its products exclusively through resellers located throughout the country. The AccuVar program provides these business partners the products and tools they require to successfully support non-profit and government clients. All of our partners have significant experience with one or both of these markets before becoming resellers.
The AccuVar program includes multiple levels and areas of certification to insure clients can depend on AccuFund resellers to deliver excellent quality results for them dring an implementation.

For a business partner, choosing AccuFund has many benefits. The principals at AccuFund have been involved with many partner programs and make sure that AccuFund resellers get the best program possible. Making our partners successful makes AccuFund successful as well.

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Features include:
  • Lowest volume levels for software margins in the industry.
  • Marketing support and lead programs.
  • Initial training included in program fee.
  • Twice a year meetings to introduce new products and train in specific areas.
  • Continued compensation for add-on sales and AF Hosted.
  • Limited partners in each territory giving partners more opportunities.
  • Support for partners focused in particular vertical industries.

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Next Steps

Find out more about AccuFund and the AccuVar program. Call or email us for a complete information package. Let us know when and we will do a one-on-one webinar to answer all your questions about the program and the software.

Our next reseller training program will start soon. Find out how you can participate and start working with the best software product on the market.

Clients who see AccuFund select AccuFund. Find out why.


quote“AccuFund’s Accounting Suite sells itself because the end-user can see it is very simple to use, especially when they compare it to their existing system. That ease is further supported by AccuFund’s multi-faceted reporting functionality and its tremendous flexibility, which upper management requires and which meet the extraordinary demands of the typical non-profit’s back office." ~ J. Clarkson, Partner, BlumShapiro