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AccuFund System Requirements

By default, AccuFund utilizes the Sybase SQL Anywhere (ASA) database from Sybase, Inc. an SAP company for the AccuFund Accounting Suite. The system uses a client/server technology with the data being provided from the server, and most computation activity happening on the client workstation. 

AccuFund also supports Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and above.  For clients preferring MS SQL, they are responsible for acquiring and maintaining the server software.  For MS SQL Express, AccuFund will work fine, within the 10 GB database size restriction of this version.

The database provides multi-user control at the record level, transaction framing with rollback to protect the data in case of a network or hardware failure and "check-point" backups to insure that all records are written to the database before backups.

There is no requirement to purchase separate database software with AccuFund for those utilizing the ASA version, unlike some of the more expensive systems. All required database software is included with the purchase of the AccuFund Accounting Suite.

System requirements defined below are categorized as minimum and preferred system requirements. Adding additional hardware will usually improve system performance and user satisfaction.

These requirements are estimates and will vary depending on size of organization and other applications residing on the server and workstations.

Client Workstation :

  • Operating System
    Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • CPU
    Minimum: Intel Core i3 or equivalent
    Preferred: Intel Core i5 or equivalent
  • Memory
    Minimum: 1 GB
    Preferred: 2 GB
  • Local Disc Space
    Minimum: 150MB
    Preferred: 150MB

Server Requirements

  • Operating System
    Larger Systems: Server 2008 or later
    2-3 user systems: Windows 7 or later
  • CPU
    Minimum: 1.5 Ghz for small office just running AccuFund on server
    Recommended: Dual Core 2.0 Ghz
    Server sizing depends on number and mix of uses, and number of user processes.
    Server sizing should be done in conjunction with hardware provider and full understanding of server utilization.
  • Memory
    Minimum: 4 GB
    Preferred 6 GB, recommended 8 GB or more (in larger environment, 20 users and above, database will be set to reserve 1 GB exclusively for the DB on the server for improved performance)
  • Disk Space
    Disk usage on the server will depend on size of the organization which modules are utilized and back up location. An organization with $10 million in revenue utilizing most of the modules should plan on 100 MB the first year and 65 - 75 MB each additional year. For a $20 million organization the disk space requirements would double. Utilization of document storage capabilities will significantly increase storage requirements.  We recommend that all scanners be set to 200x200 scanning.
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