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Faith-based organizations offer compassion and love; providing hope, building strength and helping turn lives around. As unique as everyone’s situation is, to continue moving your religious organization forward, it’s important to have an accounting system in place that effectively manages and reports on your unique situation.

AccuFund is a nonprofit accounting and financial improvement systems specialist. We help religious organizations - Seminaries, Catholic Diocese, Jewish Foundations, and the like - automate processes, improve efficiency, and lower costs so you can dedicate yourself to serving those in need.

  • Easily track restricted gifts for special purposes to your religious organization
  • Integrate pledge processing to reduce duplicate entry and errors
  • Customizing your religious organization's accounting solution with strong, flexible modules that compliment your needs will generate pertinent reporting of designated focus areas
  • Let your religious organization's boards and committees know exactly where they stand at any time
  • Efficiencies gained in data and financial management enable timely, sound decision-making


quote“Custom functionality has made our lives easier. With a lean staff and a modest budget, AccuFund has been a wonderful partner to understand our needs, provide solutions and help us streamline our business.” ~ R. Nomberg, Richmond Jewish Foundation

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